Cotton Changed Destinies of Many Nations

Cotton Changed Destinies of Many Nations

Gold Silver Reports — Cotton Changed Destinies of Many Nations — Independently discovered in both the Old World and New World, no other commodity has created more controversy, built more nations, enriched more lives and caused more suffering . 

Extensively cultivated in India for 6,000 years, cotton became the darling of the British Empire via the Dutch East India Company during the 18th century. As slavery began to take root in the US, cheaper cotton from the South began to supplement and later replace Indian cotton. This coincided with Britain’s desire to de-industrialise India’s cotton industry and expand its own during the 19th century. 

The three top cotton producing countries are China, India and the US. In fact, these three countries alone are responsible for 50% of the world’s cotton use. When it comes to cotton exports, the US and Africa lead the world in exports totalling over $6 billion . — Neal Bhai Reports 

Cotton Changed Destinies of Many Nations

`King Cotton’ has been around for thousands of years.


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